Welcome to our Ice Cream and Chocolate Training Center.

Iniciate course

Popsicle Making Training

Learn the formulatuion of super creamy bases for the production of handmade Popsicles and Ice Cream of different kinds of flavours. Click Check it out for details.

Acai berry Production

Do you want to learn how to market the tastiest Brazilian fruit and learn several ways to sell acai ? So do not miss our course ! Click Check it out for details.
Local: Showroom São Paulo

Specializing in Brazilian Mexican Popsicles and Popsicles

Learn how to produce Mexican popsicles and Palettes innovatively uniting quality and versatility, now on Saturdays. Click Check it out for details.

Ice Cream and Popsicle Training + Custom Popsicles

Learn the formulation of super creamy bases for the production of ice creams with various flavors and various types of popsicles in an innovative way, combining quality and versatility with unusual presentations.

Intermediate course

Specialization in Italian Gelato and Sorbetto

The art of making this delicious Italian dessert is ancient and subte, but for the hapiness of all, Finamac developed a complete course that aims to demystify all Italian Gelato secrets. Click Check it out for details.

Artisanal Ice Cream Production

Learn the trends and how to produce a unique and excellent quality ice cream. With this 2-day course, you will start to produce differentiated ice creams, with mixes and pieces, as well as restricted ice creams like (diet, vegan, lactose free), following good production practices and obtaining a product with unrivaled quality.