Specialization in Italian Gelato and Sorbetto

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3 DAYS OF COURSE - R $ 950,00

 When we think about investing in something or innovating our business, we need to seek information that brings us advantages over competitors.

 In addition to gelato production, you must have knowledge about the market, business types and business plan that are also so important and when well managed, bring excellent results in a short period of time.

 We will travel through the world of Gelato, opening your mind to business and teaching you how to produce and create your own recipes.



Day 1: Open up Your Mind for The world of Gelato.

- Applied by: Jeferson Policarpo

 - History of Gelato and the reality of Brazil Market

- Market numbers and consumer behavior

- Types of business and industry news

- How to open a gelato business and the profitability that it brings

- Choice of equipment and functionalities

- Basic Gelato production demonstration


Day 2: Create your own recipe and learn how to produce it.

- Applied by: Leticia Orenga

- Differences between types of ice cream

- Presentation of the types of ingredients used in gelato shopps

- Balance of base liquid - milk

- Sorbetto syrup balancing

- Flavoring and types of pastes

- Fruit flavor

- When and how to use stabilizers

- Balancing Corrections

- Laboratory Practices


Day 3: Learn how to Diversify and innovate at your Gelato Production!

- Applied by: Leticia Orenga

 - Types of Variegation

- Gelato and Sorbetto with ingredients infusion

- Salted Gelato and Sorbetto

- Alcoholic Gelato and Sorbetto

- Diet Gelato and Sorbetto


Classes with a maximum of 10 people.

Program with theory and practice - production of all prepared recipes.

Workload of 21 total hours (7 hours per day).



Course for those who already have knowledge in ice cream. It is recommended to complete the Finamac Popsicle Making Training Course earlier.



Payment Methods

There are two options of payment:

1- Paypal - click on the paypal link below

2- Payment by deposit or transfer or check:
Send an e-mail to fernanda.miranda@finamac.com.br with the desirable course day, with your information (name, telephone, address), then we will send you our bank data or the address to send the check.

If you have any questions please contact us by phone +55 11 21356500 (Brazil) or by email: fernanda.miranda@finamac.com.br.

About Cancellations and Refunds

If you are unable to attend the course and replace the registered participant, please let us know sending an email to fernanda.miranda@finamac.com.br, at least 15 days in advance.
In the case of cancelation and refund request on time, the value returned will be made payable within 30 days from the date of the refund request. In case of unjustified non attendance, the value of paid subscription will not be refunded.

Course Cancellation

The course will be canceled if the minimum number of people is not reached. Finamac will call those who were already registered to inform about the cancellation. When this cancellation occurs, for those who have already made the payment of registration, there will be two options: Rescheduling to the next class or Payment Refund.