Online Course of Ice Pops and Paletas Production

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For people who want to learn about the production of ice pops and Brazilian Mexican paletas style in a quick and effective way, we offer this online course to help you in your production!

Language: English




This online course seeks to show in detail the production methods of Mexican paletas and artesanal ice pops, demonstrates the production of ice pops and paletas with and without fillings.
The course indicates all the machines needed to explain step by step process to produce theses types of ice pops without any problems and resulting in with an incredible final product.
Don't waste time! This online course will help you to sell one of the most tasty global sensations in recent years!

- Video with the pratical part making 10 recipes, there'are water base and milk base, with fruit on the side and with pieces.

- Finamac´s Recipe Book containing 23 ice pops and paletas recipes.


Hours Schedule (videos): 30 minutes

Recipe Book (PDF): 23 recipes


Video with the pratical part of the production of ice pops and paletas.

Production of 10 recipes:

- Fruit recipes;

- Milk base recipes;

- Ice Pops with fruit on the side;

- Paletas and ice pops with filling;

- Ice Pops and paletas with pieces.


There are no requirements needed to watch this class.

The audio is in English.

The course access can take 1 business day after payment confirmation.

Course access will be sent by email and it will be available for 90 days and it is possible to ask questions in course platform.