Gelato Practical Online Course

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Learn about gelatos and sorbetos and see how it is simple and easy to produce them

Language: English



This online course will show you in detail how to produce gelato.
You will learn differences between gelato and ice cream and gelato’s carachteristics.
Besides, see which machines are needed to your production and learn step by step production of gelato and sorbeto.

Theoric and practical video with 5 gelato flavor production.
Workbook with theory and gelato and sorbeto recipes.


Course with 50 minutes
Workbook with theory and recipes

Theoric video with diferentials and gelato carachteristics
Practical video with 5 recipes, water and milk bases 


 There are no requirements needed to watch this class.

The course access can take 1 bussiness day after payment confirmation.

Course access wil be sent by email and it will be available for 90 days and it is possible to ask questions in course platform.