- Perguntas frequentes

R: Yes we are able to quote and ship worldwide
On your quote, you will find a delivery time composed of 2 parts.
The first one is the production time.
All our machines are produced on demand and manufacturing begins when the first 50% payment is received.
In the case of a 100% advance payment, as soon as the equipment is ready, we will ship it and then the transit time will begin.
We are not responsible for delays due to equipment release or in origin country neither in destiny ́s country.
In the case of payment in installments (50% to start the production and 50% to send when ready), if payment is not made by the arranged
time, the delay in sending will not be finamac's responsibility.
Note that after a wire bank transfer, it takes around 3 to 7 days to receive the payment confirmation
Customer must inform us of chosen payment condition among the following options:
Option A - 100% in advance (50% to start the production and 50% to send the equipment when ready)
Option B – Paypal – with a small fee add
Option C – Letter of Credit – Only for payments over usd 35.000,00
Payments by Letter of Credit will have an additional cost of 5% added to the total amount of the invoice.
International freight and insurance values are subject to change during the process.
Here we listed the most commum shipments types, adopted to best suit our costumers.
Before you ask for an official quotation, please read the following instructions about shipping terms and ports.

Sea Transport – Generally, less cost and longer delivery time (transit time)
Air Freight – Generally, higher cost and shorter delivery time (transit time)
Land Shippping – Generally, medium cost and medium delivery time (transit time)
1. Send an inquiry to Finamac on Contact > Consult our Products.
2. Send us the model type that you are interested in or capacity of ice pops/ice cream you want to produce per hour. It is very important to fill in the complete data
3. We will send you an email, with some options for your business, so you can aprove and tell us which kind of freight you prefer
4. You can place your order to Finamac.
5. We will quote the freight and send you a complete invoice/proforma along with bank information;
6. You can send us the wire transfer swift, paypal or a LC according to payment terms.
7. As soon as we receive the payment, the factory will produce your machines and do the inspection.
8. You will be informed to make the final payment if is any remaining balance
9. Finamac will start the shipment procedure and we will provide the client a tracking number along with any documentation needed.
10. Customer needs to wait the transit time, then as soon as receieved, pay the local taxes and fees at the final destination.