Tips - the ice pop market

Artisanal and industrial ice pops

About quality ice pops

The ice pop market is divided into two major groups: artisanal and industrial.
- The artisanal ice pop is made in a more elaborated way, usually with natural ingredients, being exposed in showcases and served to the customer's in plain site. Its durability is inferior to that of industrial ice pops and must be consumed in a short period of time.
- The industrial ice pop is produced on a large scale and distributed in super markets and various commercial spots. Its durability is high because it needs to resist several steps of distribution to the point of sale.
The basic difference between these two types of ice pop is the structure of its formulation. The longer the duration of validity of the ice pop, the greater the structure it must be and this is basically done by increasing fat (milk-based ice pops) and stabilizers in their formula.
As a general rule, we can say that artisanal ice pop is richer in natural ingredients and can have medium or high levels of fat. The ice pop with high fat content receives the name "premium" or ICE CREAM BAR type.
Finally, the industrial ice pop must have a fat content from medium to high and also a composition that resists time, hence more chemical additives are needed in the formula.
Regarding the manufacturing process, the artisanal ice pop is produced under medium temperature and little or no air is incorporated. There is the possibility of inserting solid pellets and fruit pulp in the process, in addition to producing small quantities of each flavor.
This requires knowledge about ice pop formulations by the maker, the "art" that results in really different ice pops. To produce the artisan ice pop at least one pasteurizer and one ice pop machine are required.
The industrial manufacturing process uses various stages of production so that the mixture is thoroughly homogenized and stabilized in order to enable a long shelf life of the product. As to the particle size and balance of components, industrial ice pops are the most precise and accurate.
The quality of the two kinds of ice pops, artisan and industrial, are measured by the ingredients and processes used in their production, in addition to the inherent requirements of hygiene and product reliability.
The artisan ice pop can also be made with simple ingredients or much more elaborate, with a production process that only artisan ice pop machines have, resulting in the most flavorful and creamy ice pop that can be produced. The percentage of air contained in the product is not very large and is incorporated naturally.
The industrial ice pop like the "ICE CREAM BAR", which can also be produced with less expensive or more sophisticated ingredients, has a production process that aims to increase the incorporation of air in the mixture at a much higher level than obtained by an artisan ice pop maker. This is necessary because the industrial ice pop needs to keep low production costs in order to allow a certain margin necessary for distribution and resale of the product.
In summary, the two types of ice pop can be produced with high quality ingredients and manufacturing process, but only the artisan ice pop can achieve what we call the qualitative differential.