Welcome to the group of elite ice cream makers!

If you’ve been looking for us, it’s because you are a successful ice cream maker searching for innovate equipment that can improve your production.

At this stage, you’ve already successfully overcome the challenge of opening and maintaining a new business. The next step is to find the means to successfully and steadily grow your business and its profits.

The higher the investment, the more we want to grow. To avoid higher expenses, we need to upgrade our equipment in order to increase production. This is true in all industries.

The equipment produced by Finamac can help your business continue to grow. So, how is all of this achieved without wasting money?

The answer is simple: You need to purchase state-of-the-art equipment that saves money.

We’ve been in this industry since 1954. Even since way back then, the trend has always been the same - businesses that upgrade their technology earn more money. Using modern technology increases production while decreasing cost. Of course, you know all of this already and that is why you’re here.

Now, imagine a machine that produces ice cream that incorporates much more air than that piece of equipment you’re currently using. Can you imagine yourself producing light ice cream? The kind of ice cream large corporations have made millions on? Having a machine like this inside of your small business would give you a competitive edge.

This cutting edge equipment cost only a fraction more than that of the industry standard, and it will save you much more with time. Which equipment is this?

Well, the answer is: Equipment with new technologies. Finamac does not believe that equipment with more technology need to be more expensive. On the contrary, technology exists to improve the quality and reduce costs.

Ok, perhaps we've got to convince you of something, but one doubt yet remains:

- Can I or not, buy a modern equipment without spending money?

The answer is simple: The air is costless, at least for a while. If you inject more air into your ice cream, which cost would it have?

We know that the air, in its correct amount, besides reducing the cost it improves the ice cream quality, like smoothness, lightness and stability.

We mentioned only one example of technology on low cost, which can be used to your business. There are also others applied to ice cream production, for the ingredients preparation, pasteurization and further stages of its process.

We wish you the greatest success on your new new endeavor!




With great pleasure and enthusiasm that we will give the first steps to success with you!



Here you will find equipment dedicated to large-scale production used by companies whose products are linked to an efficient distribution.