Our goals


Finamac was founded by pioneers in Brazilian research and development. We believe that an enterprising spirit and a considerable investment in research are fundamental for the growth of the food machinery industry.

To be relevant in the ice cream and chocolate business, as well as other associated foods, it is not enough to be just another producer of machines. It's necessary to keep pace and promote the constantly evolving trends and concepts in the industry; as well as, cultivate relationships with people, companies, and specialized universities that are dedicated to innovation

Our main objective in the market is to be the industry leader in innovation with a focus on international exposure, meeting international standards, planning and executing consistent actions to support our clients, taking part in the main international ice cream events, and expanding our net of collaborators and partners.


Being 100% Brazilian, we have evolved, not just with the ice cream market, but also with the people of Brazil.

Over the years, being a part of South America has taught us to face several kinds of problems, political, economical, medical, educational, and more.

Our social values are extremely important to us. We deal with the strong, creative, and enterprising potential of the people of Brazil. People forged by difficulties and spiced by the fantastic weather which instills an unparalleled happiness in every person, of all social classes, nationalities, and professions.

We have seen small businessmen, just starting out with a small popsicle machine in a small area without any kind of infrastructure, go on to prosper and become industry leaders.

Globalization has made the world a smaller place, bringing people together improving our knowledge. Today, Brazil is much more global. Our people are able to offer innovative solutions at low costs. The standard-of-living has grown considerably and so has the quality of our products. Now, we want to spread the joy of concrete solutions around the world.

One of our main objectives is to generate products that help new and established business people, giving a better return on their investments and helping to improve their overall productivity We also strive to help new business find new opportunities with unprecedented and trustworthy solutions.

Even though Brazil is primarily known for Carnival and soccer fanaticism, we are also responsible for some amazing technological advancements, such as in the Aeronautical industry.

The popsicle, ice cream, and chocolate culture is on our DNA. The 8,500 kilometers of beaches is home to tens of thousands of happy ice cream vendors. We produce cocoa and large amounts of tropical fruits, which has led us to develop a variety of foods and the machines to process them.

Our machines are developed to endure the hot and humid weather, as well as to handle large-scale orders.

The integration with Universities, Companies and Specialized researchers grossed high new technology to what was already devoted on our equipments.

Our main technological objective is to gather the best minds from around the world to be a part of our team of partners and collaborators. We believe that technology is advanced through group effort, and this group needs to be multidisciplinary.


In order to achieve positive growth, every business leader and innovator must have healthy and sustainable financial objectives:

Healthy enough to fulfill the desires of everyone who takes part in the production chain, from the handyman to the senior technician, ensuring a good quality of life through an excellent compensation program.

Sustainable enough to generate personnel and natural resources that promote best practices. On top of technological research, we must constantly invest in the preservation of the environment that we live in, supporting education, ecology, and the well being of everything and everyone.