Blast Freezer - Accessories

Ultra-fast cooling and freezing




Equipment for the quick freezing of ice cream and popsicles, also known as Blast Freezer.

The ice cream extracted from a producer has at most 65% of its water frozen and the Blast Freezer promotes the remaining water freezing, in a short period of time.

It is used to achieve the ideal ice cream consistency, before exposing it in shop windows.

It is also used to harden popsicles before coating with chocolate.

With modern design and excellent operational performance, it guarantees economy, safety, durability and great cost-benefit.


Electric Current (Amper): 5.9A
Freezing Capacity (Kg): 10
Cooling Capacity (Kg): 20


Technology at the service of hygiene, safety, quality and economy.


• Rounded corners for easy sanitization

• Casters that facilitate the equipment´s movement

• Built-in defrost water tray

• Universal holder for the gn 1/1 tray or baking tray 400 x 600 mm

• Ergonomic handle

• Equipment developed for both cooling and ultra-fast freezing

• 70 cm thick insulation

• Increased capacity of thermal insulation

• Lower power consumption (less thermal dispersion)

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220v Monophase - 60 Hz
Consumption of electricity 1,3Kw
Equipment Dimensions (HxWxL): 1020 x 800 x 830 mm
Gross Weight with crate 120Kg


Suggested use

Kit Gelato