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First aerator / homogenizer / doser on the market

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The new Flex Mixer line has been developed to prepare homemade ice cream and ice pop blends, making them very attractive to the final consumer because they are markedly softer and creamier.

This differentiated quality is obtained by the decrease in particle size of the ingredients and the incorporation of air in the mixture.
Besides the softness, aeration is responsible for increasing profitability, without loss of quality of the final product. Along with the reduced size particles, the formation of air bubbles also makes the freezing step of ice cream or ice pops more effective in producers like Ice Clean or Robopop.
Preparing the best recipes has become much easier and more efficient with this equipment. The great quality differential starts here.


- Single-acting tap for filling jars or ice pops.
- Front panel with continuous or intermittent button.
- Larger container space (optional), depending on the amount of mix to be made

Multi functional propeller:
- It rotates in low rotation and has holes and blades for, emulsion, aeration, grinding and heating by strong agitation.
- Remains in the bottom of the bucket when it is removed, facilitating washing out of the equipment.
- Easy dis assembly to replace your gasket.
- Rotation of 1750 rpm at 60Hz and 1500 rpm at 50Hz.

Versatile Container:
- Handles for easy removal and fitting with the faucet and motor drive shaft.
- Retention valve in the bottom allows to extract it full of mixture to insert it directly in producers of ice cream or Popsicle.
- Thick bottom allows mild heating * to melt fats (see technical data).

Equipment Design:
- Attractive design allows use in sight of the final consumer.
- Made of high gloss fiberglass and stainless steel in the mechanical parts and in contact with food.
- All rounded corners, drain channels for cleaning and ventilation venting fairing.
- Rubber feet for better attachment near the edge of tables, making tapping easier.

Total Hygiene:
- Meets international sanitary standards, construction and materials for contact with food.
- Transparent, tilting cover protects against impurities and splashes.
- Bucket with rounded mouth and bottom, connection with faucet easy to disassemble and clean.

Safety of use:
- Automatic shut-off of the motor at the opening of the cover or removal of the bucket.
- Electric motor with thermal protection and compartment protected from liquids.
- Non-conductive plastics and metals without contact with electricity.


1. Incorporates 10% to 50% air into the blend. For each liter of mixture you get from 1.1 to 1.5 liters. The increase in profitability is significant in both ice creams and aerated ice pops.

2. Grind seeds, dried fruits, pieces of pure ice etc.

3. Unique equipment that mixes particles with dimensions close to those obtained with high pressure industrial homogenization, of veryhigh cost.

4. Proper mixing prevents the formation of ice crystals that make the product "sandy" that limits theaction of stabilizers and flavorings, increasing the useful life and all the sensory characteristics of the final product.

5. It allows heating of the mixture by agitation (slow process) or by induction in electric stove (fast).

6. Supports blends with high density and high viscosity, containing thickeners and emulsifiers.

7. Versatile when compared to conventional portable or table mixers used in ice cream parlors, which have propeller and motor rotation only for rudimentary mixing of the ingredients.

8. Do not use motor with brushes as in conventional portable mixers, which require constant maintenance and replacement.

9. Equipment for industrial use, continuous and unlimited operating time.

10. Easy maintenance, installation and positioning within the production environment.

11. Ergonomic and easy-to-handle equipment.

Technical data

Aeration and beat temperature
10% air * Blending at around 20° C*
Up to 50% Mixture between -2°C and 0°C*. Use crushed ice instead of water.
By stove (electric induction only) Do not exceed 40°C. Do not put the bucket on fire!
Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V, Single-Phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Consumption of electricity 0.375 kw
Crate dimensions Crate Length= 550, Width= 700, Height= 820
Equipment Dimensions Length= 420 mm, Width= 580, Height= 630 mm
Gross Weight with crate 45 Kg
Net Weight 26 Kg
Production Capacity Maximum mixing volume**: Up to 8 or 15 liters (2 or 3.69 gallons) of syrup in beat. Internal volume***: 15 or 25 liters (3.96 or 6.6 gallons).


* Milk mixtures, depending on the composition and presence of emulsifiers.
** Maximum amount of mixture that can be used to prevent spillage during stirring and incorporation. Lighter mixtures, such as water based, should be used in reduced quantities (up to 6L).

*** Total amount of liquids supported by the container.

Suggested use

 To whom it is intended

- Gelaterías and paleterias that offer high quality products, where the manufacture can be seen by the final consumer.

- Ice cream or popsicle industries that need to make great variety of flavors in small quantities, with a highly professional quality standard.

- Formulation development laboratories for ice creams and popsicles.