Flex Unmold Tank - Accessories

First table top unmold machine with chocolate dipping tank

American Certification Seal
Seal Non Flammable Fluids
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 This equipment is essential to remove ice pops from their shapes (molds) after the freezing process is complete.

It consists of a tank of warm water where the ice pops are placed for a few seconds and the temperature is controlled electronically. The thermally controlled process of the ice pop mold being dipped into the tank for a few seconds causes a heat shock that
allows the ice pops to be loosened from their molds almost instantly.

The tank can be used with or without a stainless steel base (optional). If used without base, it can be placed directly on a workbench or used as a table top.

Another added feature to this equipment is the introduction of vats to be placed where melted chocolate can remain and the ice pops can be dipped (ice pop SKIMO).

It allows to use molds of 22 - 28 cavities.



In accordance with international safety and health standards (UL and NSF 51).

Flexibility: can be used with stainless steel base; or placed directly on a workbench or table top.

Safety system for resistance burn prevention.

Hygienic and easy to clean.

Modern fiberglass design.

Wheels for easy moving even when full.

Drain system for easy removal of fluid.

Removable base.

Shape support tray.

Impact protected.

Automatic temperature controller.

Unmolds the ice pops and allows for chocolate dipping.

The chocolate bath can also be used to cover conventional ice creams and other products.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V Single-phase
Consumption of electricity 9 kW
Equipment Dimensions Height with base: 940 mm / Height without base: 350 mm; Length: 693 mm; Width: 650 mm
Production Capacity Up to 900 ice pops per hour

Suggested use

Ice Pop unmold process.

Chocolate coating for popsicles.

Chocolate coating for ice cream.