Turbo Doser - Accessories

Volumetric doser for popsicle production



An automated machine for dispensing popsicle mixture (water or milk based) into popsicle moulds.

Provides volumetric dosage for the moulds, with the possibility of changing the volume. 

Aligned with another feeder into the same popsicle machine allows for the production of popsicles containing two or more flavors (i.e. Neapolitan, mini skirt, etc.).

Connected to a tank containing the mixture and a compressed air system, this device eases the enormous process of feeding the moulds into a medium scale producer.


1. Allows the dosage of small-sized particle ingredients, such as grated coconut, crushed passion fruit seeds, etc. 

2. Fits all popsicle machines equipped with automatically moving moulds.
3. Reduces half of the workforce employed for production.
4. Enables the production of popsicles containing two or more flavors.
5. Can be used to support non-automated equipment, with no special installation requirements.

Technical data

Technical Details
Consumption of electricity 0,1 kW
Equipment Dimensions Length = 734 mm, Width = 589 mm, Height = 1618 mm.
Net Weight 48 kg

Suggested use

Turbo 100 + 1 Turbo Doser.

Turbo 100 + 2 Turbo Doser.

Turbo 100 + 3 Turbo Doser.

Turbo 200 + 1 Turbo Doser .

200 + Turbo 2 Turbo Doser.

Turbo 200 + 3 Turbo Doser.

Turbo 25 + 1 Turbo Doser.