Mixer 100 - Accessories

Isothermal flavoring tank for ice cream mix



Equipment projected to mix ingredients and to flavor milky or water base mixtures.
A stainless steel tank.

- Tanks of 115 liters;

- Inner part in AISI 304 stainless steel with sanitary finishment;

- Thermal insulation of injected polyurethane;

- Outer revestment in AISI 430 stainless steel with brushed finishment;

- Dismountable SMS 2” ø sanitary tap.


- The ice cream and popsicles remain much softer, as the special helix not only mixes the ingredients, but homogenizes the fats with liquids and solids;

- Aerated and homogenized ice cream means higher quality, not only visually, but also greatly improves the texture, flavor, color, time of conservation, melting resistance, and other aspects easily observed by finicky customers;

- Allows a great variety of flavors;

- Easy to operate, install, and transport;

- No need to have previous knowledge.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V or 380 V, Triphase, 60 Hz.
Consumption of electricity 1.1 kW.
Crate dimensions Length = 670 mm, Width = 1220 mm, Height = 1450 mm.
Equipment Dimensions Length = 510 mm, Width = 1090 mm, Height = 1260 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 100 kg.
Net Weight 70 kg.
Production Capacity Up to 100 liters (26.4 galones).
Condensation Isothermal system.


Suggested use

Super C + PP200 + Mixer 100

Super C Plus + TM 300/600 + Mixer 100