Gyrofiller - Filling Machines

Rotary machine to fill and pack ice cream containers

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This automated machine is designed to pack and fill ice cream containers. Connected to a continuous freezer, the Gyrofiller pours the correct quantity of ice cream into various types of containers, from cone type sundae cups to various sized cups up to a half-liter.

It has automatic dispensers for the containers and their respective lids.

It can also be equipped with dispensers for chocolate, toppings, and granulates.


- Produces 600 to 4000 units/hour*;

- Packing volume of 90 ml to 500 ml;

- Ideal for packing liquids and pastes with application in the chemical, food, and cosmetics industries;

- Speed and packing volume are controlled electronically;

- 12 easy to configure stations;

- Up to 3 dispensing nozzles;

- Automatic and sequential stations disconnections;

- Self-adjusting production speed;

- Perfect synchronism, servodriven by microprocessor;

- Power source: 220/380V, tri-phase, 50/60 Hz;

- Optionals: volumetric dispenser, U.V. sterilizer, thermal-melting seal;

- Angular control of production without the use of cams (does not use an electro mechanic positioner);

- Just enter the volume of the container and production will begin and run smoothly. The Gyrofiller automatically calculates the correct speed;

- In the absence of a container, a special sensor interrupts the production of all the subsequent stations, until the station is reloaded;

- An automatic sequential start/finish program controls packing in each station (easy to operate, preserves product);

- A meter that counts the number of products already packed;

- Automatically stops after the sequential lack of 12 units;

- During dosage, the Gyrofiller allows such precise control over the position of the dispensers that adding designs and decorations is not only effortless, but it does not interfere with the work flow. 

* Production depends on the climatic conditions of the location where the machine is installed.

Equipment required


Round Cups (up to 500ml)

* Other volumes, models and measures by prior consultation.
  • Continuous freezer of 1, 2 or 3 flavors
  • Syrup pump or Incorporator of fruit pulps
  • Maximum Production: 4000 cups/hour (depending on the cup used)




* Other volumes, models and measures by prior consultation.

  • Continuous freezer of 1, 2 or 3 flavors
  • Incorporator of fruit pulp
  • Syrup pump
  • Maximum production: 1500 cones/hour



Round Cups (up to 500ml)

(3 flavor cup filling)

  • triple continuous freezer (Super C3)
  • Maximum production: 4000 cups/hour (depending on the cup used)


  • Continuous freezer of 1, 2 or 3 flavors
  • Syrup pump or Incorporator of fruit pulps
  • Maximum production: 4000 units/hour (depending on the cup used)

*Start with the GF STD and upgrade to GF Plus later, just including the 3 flavor and cone kits.

*This machine is not certified by ETL/UL/NSF rules.
*Please check the laws in your country about food preparation before finish your purchase.


1. Costs 50% less than the equivalent machines offered by other companies.
2. Occupies only 60% of the area of an equivalent machine.
3. Weighs 50% less than equivalent machines.
4. Maintenance costs are 30% lower because the machines have less parts.
5. Easy to wash and clean.
6. Easy to operate and safe. The automated start/finish operation avoids wasting ice cream and cups.
7. Easy to transport due to the reduced dimensions. This unique filling machine can also use rotary/lock wheels, since it operates smoothly.
8. An exclusive on board computer allows specific programs for each product to be filled, with precise adjustments during each stage of the process.
9. Uses compressed air to activate each stage of the operation, eliminating complex mechanisms that consistently cause problems.
10. The production speed allows the Gyrofiller to connect to both large and small machines. Equivalent machines are usually entirely mechanical (not digitally controlled) and do not offer a wide range of speeds.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V, monophase - biphase - triphase, 60 Hz.
Consumption of electricity 1,2 kW.
Crate dimensions Length = 1200 mm, Width = 1200 mm, Height = 1500 mm.
Equipment Dimensions Length = 1000 mm, Width = 830 mm, Height = 1900 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 150 kg + 45 kg accessories.
Net Weight 85 kg.
Production Capacity 600 to 4000 parts per hour.

Suggested use

Business purpose

For medium size producers who need practical equipment that take up very little space. For those who need to obtain automatically-packed, industrial-quality ice cream with a controlled production cycle.


1 Gyrofiller + 1 Super C3

1 GyroFiller+ 1 Fruit Mix

1 Gyrofiller + from 1 to 3 Super C