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Acai Beginner Kit

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This kit consists of:

Pro 4:

A semi-automated machine that produces acai. This process is known as “discontinuous” or “batch” freezing. In accordance with these terms, we put a limit on the quantity of mixture used per cycle, differing from the continuous process, in which the mixture is continuously introduced through one side, and the acai comes out of the other side.

Ergonomics: Comfortable height for easy operation; panel with a good visual inclination and side handles; easy to operate and move from one place to another; container support with adjustable height, for containers up to 12 liters.

Thermal bearings insulation: Increases the mechanical system’s durability.

Light and Durable: Easy to move, performs well under heavy operation.

Safety and hygiene: The machine shuts off when the tilting frontal lid is accidentally opened. Lid easy to mount, dismount, and clean.

Easy maintenance: Self-adjusting dasher and quick cutting blades easily replaced by the operator.

Açaí Mixer:

Equipment for crushing and homogenization of açaí.


  • Capacity from 80 up to 500 liters of açaí
  • Mince and emulsifies açaí
  • Mix ingredients for formulation of ice cream, popsicles and creamy acai
  • Easy to operate, easy to install, easy to carry and move because it is on wheels
  • Rectangular container for easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Propeller with great cutting perimeter to reduce particle size
  • Tap self-cleaning easy disassembly
  • Supply 220 V or 380 V three-phase

*This machine is not certified by ETL/UL/NSF rules. Please check the laws in your country about food preparation before finish your purchase.


1. The Pro 4 is a dream come true to everyone who wants to get into the acai industry. With a relatively low investment, this system production pays for itself in a short period of time.

2. The acai quality is incomparable, because all of the high-end technology used in large machines is also applied in this machine, at reduced costs.

3. The acai is produced in few minutes, avoiding the formation of ice crystals and the undesirable “sandiness” caused by the traditional sluggish equipment.

4. Previous knowledge about acai is not required.

5. Easy to operate, install, and transport.

6. The best production/time rate among equivalent conventional equipment.

7. It uses the latest technology in artisan acai production.

Suggested use

Business purpose

For small vendors just starting out in this industry, or for professionals who want to increase their production with a high-quality final product, guaranteed by using a modern and 100% hygienic machine.