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Small chocolate tempering machine

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Semi automatic machine for tempering chocolate, ensuring a flawless finish in the final product.

Designed with the latest technological requirements on the market and in accordance with the demands of professional chocolatiers. The Mini Chocomachine is developed to produce the same level of high quality production as that of the Chocomachine, but at a much lower cost, so that it can be used by people just starting out in the chocolate business.

- Good quality of final products: Allows precise control of melting temperatures and tempering for each type of product: milk chocolate, bittersweet, bitter, and white.

- Easy to operate: Current and programmed temperatures using independent displays, facilitate the tempering process with a high precision microprocessor controllers.

- Tempering durability: Superb tempering quality that lasts for a long time.

- Capacity: 4 kg per turn (depending on the type of chocolate)*

*The capacity refers to the amount of chocolate in the bowl, and cooling time changes depending on the temperature of the working environment.

**The cooling time of the chocolate is from 1 hour to an environment conditioned at 20 ° C considering the whole chocolate melted at a temperature of 45 ° C.


1. The only machine of this size with an autonomous cooling system for the tempering process - no air conditioned environment required.

2. Fast production, allows the insertion of chocolate pieces directly into the vat, without previously melting them in microwaves or electric melters.

3. More efficient, precise temperature adjustment control for chocolate tempering.

4. Eliminates chocolate waste.

5. No marble plates are necessary for chocolate cooling. The machine heats and cools the chocolate without the need of auxiliary processes.

6. Superior than standardized products - flawless and higher in quality.

7. Allows the production of small and delicate forms, working together with the Vibro desk.

8. Easy to clean.

9. Compatible with several kinds of chocolate.

10. Removable vat, easy to handle the chocolate after the tempering process.

11. A temperature sensor installed in a hermetic enclosure avoids potential electrical problems and interruptions during operation.

12. Transparent upper cover allows a clear view of the product.

13. Can program temperature according to the chocolate being used.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220V, Monofásico/Bifásico, 60Hz.
Consumption of electricity 0,8kW
Crate dimensions Length = 660 mm, Width = 580 mm, Height = 510 mm.
Equipment Dimensions Length = 512 mm, Width = 452 mm, Height = 363 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 40Kg
Net Weight 23Kg
Production Capacity Max 4 Kg (depending on the type of chocolate)
Condensation Air

Suggested use

A serious machine for demanding chocolatiers. Ideal for chocolate makers of all levels, at home or in the lab.

Suggested use

1 Mini Chocomachine + Vibro Desk




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