Finapack - Pack 5000 - Popsicle Machines

Wrapping Machine



Equipment for the continuous packaging of popsicles and other various shaped products.
Packaging with capacities ranging from 5 to 12 thousand units / hour, depending on the type of product to be packed.

Two alternating current motors with independent speed control;

Variable length through frequency inverters;

Variable speed up to 80 packages per minute depending on product and packaging variations;

Continuous longitudinal resistance heated, controlled by digital pyrometers, with PID technology and automatic auto-tuning;

Rotating cross-section weld heated by resistance and controlled by digital pyrometers with PID auto-tuning technology;

Coil bearing with nuts and mechanical brake;

Super strong structure, parts that will have contact with the product to be packed are stainless steel;

Frequency inverter for speed adjustment;

SEW model motor;

Electronic regulation of package size;

Rectified Matrices with Chemical Nickel bath;

Compensating balance with automatic brake;

Protection of the Mobile Exit Gag and Mat with safety system by magnetic sensor polarized double channel, according to NR12;

Emergency system with automatic cut-off of inverter feeds; Independent on / off switch according to NR12;

Synchronization set via SEW gearmotor;

CLP (programmable logic controller for adjusting packages with electronic capability of setting production speed and positioning the print on the packaging);

Photocell for packaging centralization controlled by frequency inverters;

Windings, Fairings and Chains in Stainless Steel 304;



- Extra fans;

- Feeder;

- Batch and validation data.




Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220V - Monophase or Biphase
Consumption of electricity 1,5 kw/H
Equipment Dimensions Length = 1950 mm, Width = 650 mm, Height = 1450 mm.


Suggested use

 Selecting the Pack 5000

When purchasing a Pack 5000, you need to pay attention to the size of the ice pop to use.
Because of that, we offer two types of Pack 5000:
- The standard, 220 mm;
- And the extended, 280 mm.
These measurements refer to the maximum coil size.


Pack 5000 220mm:
H: Maximum ice pop height, 30 mm.
W: Maximum ice pop width, 85 mm.
CWmax: Maximum coil width, 210 mm.
Maximum ice pop length: 180 mm.


Pack 5000 280mm (extended):
H: Maximum ice pop height, 70 mm.
W: Maximum ice pop width, 100 mm.
CWmax: Maximum coil width, 280 mm.
Maximum ice pop length: 180 mm.


Does this mean that I can use a 30mm x 80mm ice pop on the
Pack 5000 220mm?? No!


In order for the ice pop to fit inside a coil, it must meet the following relationship:


H + W = (CW - 30)/2


For Pack 5000 220 mm the maximum coil is 220m.
Therefore, at most, H + W = (220 - 30)/2.
That is, H + W < 95.


For the ice pop 30 mm x 80 mm, H + W = 30 + 80 = 110. As 110 is larger than 95, it will not fit!


Summing up...

In addition to being within the maximum dimensions explained above, ice pops must follow the
following rule:


FlowPack 5000 220mm: H + W < 95 mm
FlowPack 5000 280mm (extended): H + W < 125 mm


Some examples:
- Brida Mold 63ml: H = 19 mm, W = 43mm → H + W = 62 mm → CW = 154 mm
- Mich Mold: H = 23 mm, W = 54 mm → H + W = 77 mm → CW = 184 mm
- Patinha Mold: H = 25 mm, W = 85 mm → H + W = 110 mm → CW = 250 mm


Reference to purchase flowpack

Considered ice pops without coverage. For ice pops with toppings add 20 mm in the width of the coil.

If you want to use 2 different ice pop grids (Brida 63 ml and Mich 123 ml, for example) you will have to buy two ice pop grids.