IX 600 Plus - Ice Cream Machines

Double incorporator of fruit pulps and syrups in ice cream



Adding pulp to ice creams has always been a challenge for producers.

Indispensable to further enhancing ice cream flavors today, the strawberry pulp, caramel, all kinds of syrups, etc. Not only end up adding water to the ice cream and becoming very hard once frozen, but are substances that are hard to be properly mixed into the ice cream .

The reason for this difficulty is that high-overrun ice cream is made at high pressures, and adding pulps during production has always been a technological challenge.

The IX 600 PLUS Incorporator was designed to INNOVATE liquid incorporation. One of its unique features is the DOUBLE DISPENSING PUMPS, allowing the ice cream to mix up to two types of mix-ins, maintaining pressure in the line and also allowing the equipment to be connected to automatic filling machines, which can also incorporate all kinds of toppings to it.

Adding fruit pulp to the ice cream, a challenge for standard incorporators (because many of those available on the market crush the pulp pieces), becomes a simple task for the IX 600 PLUS. Apart from allowing for pulp incorporation without crushing them, it allows for simultaneous addition of syrups or other types of mix-ins.

Another possibility is the marbling effect, which can be achieved with one or two flavors.
Use of the IX 600 PLUS is only limited by the producer’s creativity.

Some variation options:

Fruit Pulp + Syrup;
Syrup + Syrup - (Sundae with two different flavors);
Pasty mix-in (Chocolate ganache) + Fruit Pulp;
FLAKES + Fruit Pulp;
FLAKES + Pasty Mix-in (Chocolate ganache);
Fruit Pulp + Fruit Pulp (OPTIONAL);
High-Viscosity Products (ex.: Dulce de Leche)*

*Diluted in water or milk.


1. It enables adjustment and momentary interruption of one or both products during the production process, allowing for alternating the type of mix-in you’re adding.

2. It can handle from small quantities of ice cream to high-scale production, thus it allows for working with just one small producer, several producers at the same time or a single large producer. The syrup pump is also able to handle precise dosing.

3. It is the latest technology for simultaneous introduction of pulps and mix-ins into ice cream. Optional connections to the outlet tube allow for “DRAG” incorporation. For example: while the IX 600 Plus is pumping chocolate to produce Chocolate Flakes Ice Cream, another creamy product or chocolate ganache can be pumped simultaneously to be mixed into the Chocolate Flakes Ice Cream.

4. Ice cream churned at high pressure has superior quality, not only because of the hygiene aspect since there is no contact in the open air, but also in the texture, flavor, color, overrun, shelf life, resistance to melting and other characteristics easily perceived by the most demanding consumers.

5. A decorating nozzle is provided along with the equipment, for “Sundae” production with up to 2 different syrups.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V, Monophase, 60 Hz.
Consumption of electricity 950 W.
Crate dimensions Length = 1250 mm, Width = 740 mm, Height = 1500 mm.
Equipment Dimensions Length = 1166 mm, Width = 548 mm, Height = 1464 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 155 kg.
Net Weight 90 kg.
Production Capacity It attends from 200 to 600L (52.8 to 158.5 gallons) of ice cream/h.*


* 50 Hz machines may incorporate up to 20% less than reported.