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Complete kit to produce Gelato

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*This machine is not certified by ETL/UL/NSF rules.
*Please check the laws in your country about food preparation before finish your purchase.

The line of products aimed at Finamac gelaterias follow rigorous standards of production and storage and is much more affordable than other imported equipment with similiar or higher quality. If your business plan is focused on different products and environments then this is the right alternative for you.

The Gelato Kit is a complete set for a quick and easy Gelato production process.

The kit consists of:

Ice Clean P: An all in one machinewith a top compartment for mixing and heating the mixture to a lower rate and a lower compartment with a freezing cylinder for ice cream. This combination is very convinent because it allows small amounts of mixtures to be pasteurized (from 6 to 10 liters at a time). Gelato production machines are able to freeze the largest possible percentage of water so that the ice cream extracted from the machine is ready to be served and its production is up to 80 liters per hour.

The Ice Clean P is for gelateria branch entrepreneurs and premium ice creams makers who produce exclusively high quality products where equipment exposure is an integral part of business, aiming at a strong visual and good quality impact.


Vista: Exhibitor showcase for ice cream and other food products to be served directly to the public.

The design of this display case is inclined and high allowing clients to view the products great distances. Products exhibited in this equipment are usually decorated and displayed to attract attention to the store.

This is not a simple "freezer" to sell frozen products. The elegant design, uses freezing technology and advanced insulation in order to keep the product under precise temperature at the point of service, avoiding excessive melting or hardening.

The components used in its finish help with the exhibition and sale of high quality products in places with greater purchasing power and a lot of movement


TR 5/10: Water cooling tower is an indispensable accessory to remove the heat generated by ice cream and popsicle machines.

It provides maximum performance of your ice cream or popsicle machine even on very hot days and prolongs the life of the equipment to keep it in good working conditions within controlled temperatures.