Pro 4 - Ice Cream Machines

Economic machine to produce aerated ice cream

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Pro 4 Batch Freezer

A semi-automated machine that produces water based ice cream (pineapple, lemon etc.) and milk based (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla etc.).

This process is known as “discontinuous” or “batch” freezing. In accordance with these terms, we have a limit on the quantity of mixture per cycle, diferent of the continuous process (used in ice cream industries), in which the mixture is continuously introduced through one side, and the ice cream comes out of the other side.

The ice cream produced by Pro 4 is also known as artisan ice cream.



100 liters of ice cream per hour / up to 12 liters per cycle

Exclusive Ecostart System (Patented)

Soft start and shutdown beater process. This system extend the componient life and reduces the power consuption in 20%

Front inlet for ingredients

An hydrodynamic funnel shape, helps to do not have mixture accumulated and make easier to operate

Protection grid Inlet/outlet

Has a wide exit to very fast ice cream extraction

No water dropping on the ice cream

The insulated plastic lid avoids temperature loss and prevents the formation of water drops that may fall into the ice cream during extraction

Ice cream quality

Smoother and creamier, due to the beater with 9 self-adjusting blades.


Comfortable size for easy operation; panel with a good visual angle; easy to operate and move from one place to another.


A high precision seamless tube with rounded edges allows a smooth flow of ice cream during the extraction process. Easy to clean and 100% hygienic

Safety and hygiene

The machine shuts off when the frontal lid is open.

Easy maintenance

Self-adjusting beater and blades easily replaced by the operator

Thermal bearings insulation

Increases the mechanical system’s durability


Equipment by air condensation can reduce production by 10% to 50%, due to ambient temperatures above 28ºC.


1. The Pro 4 is a dream that come true to everyone who wants to get into the ice cream market. With a relatively small investment, this system of ice cream production pays for itself in a short time.

2. The ice cream quality is incomparable, because all of the high-end technology used in large machines is also applied here, at reduced costs.

3. It facilitates the production of real artisan ice cream, carefully done, with natural ingredients and the introduction of fruits, granules, chocolates etc.

4. You can work with small quantities of ice cream production per cycle, very important for people that work with a variety of flavors.

5. The ice cream is produced in few minutes, avoiding the formation of ice crystals and the undesirable “sandiness” caused by the traditional sluggish equipment.

6. Previous knowledge about ice cream production is not required.

7. Easy to operate, install, and transport.

8. The best production/time rate among equivalent conventional equipment.

9. It uses the latest technology in artisan ice cream production.

10. Ice cream made with Pro 4 is guaranteed to be better: not only because is is easier to clean, but also provides better texture, flavor, color, overrum, time of conservation, melting resistance, and others qualities easily noticed by finicky consumers.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V, monophase or biphase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Consumption of electricity 3,9 kW.
Crate dimensions Length = 1032 mm, Width = 507 mm, Height = 1313 mm.
Equipment Dimensions Length = 960 mm, Width = 500 mm, Height = 1300 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 210 kg.
Net Weight 145 kg.
Production Capacity 60 to 100 liters of ice cream per hour / 15 to 26 gallons of ice cream per hour.*
Condensation Air.

* Air cooled machines production depends on the climatic conditions of the location where the machine is installed.
* 50 Hz machines may produce up to 20% less than reported.
* Production based on milk based syrup at 4°C (39.2°F) with 38% solids and 14 to 16% of sugar content and at least 40% overrun.

Suggested use

1 Pro4 + 1 Turbo8 - For aerated popsicles production

1 Pro4 + 1 PP110 - For pasteurized ice cream production

From 1 to 5 Pro4 - For modular increase of ice cream production