Super C3 - Ice Cream Machines

Triple continuous freezer, for 3 ice cream flavors

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*This machine is not certified by ETL/UL/NSF rules.
*Please check the laws in your country about food preparation before finish your purchase.


This automated piece of equipment produces ice cream by incorporating a high concentration of air. Three "Super C" model machines are mounted in the same cabinet to reduce space and cost. These three machines can operate at the same time, simultaneously producing the same flavor, or separately, to produce three distinct flavors.

It is most commonly used to produce three distinct flavors at the same time.

It produces 450 to 600 liters of ice cream/hour, with 100% over run, at a final temperature of -5 C°.

*Production depends on the climatic conditions of the location where the machine is installed.

All operations are commanded electronically - pump speed, motor amperage indication, and cylinder pressure. Using a frequency inverter to control the pump speed makes the operation less strenuous which increases its longevity.

A defrost gas injection decreases production to 3 x 100 l/h.

Air incorporation can be adjusted between 50 and 130%.

An inlet and outlet on the front of the machine makes it easy to handle and clean.

A working pressure of up to 11 bars allows connection to machines for ice cream extrusion and confectioning.

Uses tropicalized refrigeration and ecologic gas.

Compact and easy to disassemble and transport.


Business purpose

For experienced ice cream makers who need to produce three distinct ice cream flavors at the same time, or produce only one flavor using all three cylinders simultaneously or separately - depending on demand.


1. Produces three different flavors at the same time; up to 200 liters/hour per flavor.

2. Substantially increases profits by incorporating up to 130% more air in the ice cream (overrun of 130%).

3. Substantially increases the quality of the ice cream, since the high-pressured aeration and beating improves the texture, taste, and stability of the final product.

4. Economizes ingredients, like stabilizers and flavorings, because the whole process is done under high pressure, which makes it easier to mix and produce ice cream. Conventional machines, that don’t use a pressure pump, must use larger quantities of ingredients to produce the same effect.

5. It is the only machine that uses a cylinder where the ice cream is beaten - the same technology used by the Aerospace Industry. It is a thin cylindrical wall of extremely compacted material that substantially increases the freezing capacity. This special high precision cylinder is only available from Finamac.

6. Easy to operate, install, and transport.

7. Produces high quality industrial standard ice cream; not only more hygienic, but also with better texture, taste, color, aeration, time of conservation, melting resistance, and other characteristics easily noticed by discriminating consumers.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V ou 380 V, Threephase, 50 Hz ou 60 Hz.
Consumption of electricity 20 kW.
Crate dimensions Length = 1830 mm, Width = 1150 mm, Height = 1800 mm.
Equipment Dimensions Length = 1630 mm, Width = 1000 mm, Height = 1600 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 730 kg.
Net Weight 590 kg.
Production Capacity 450 to 600 liters of ice cream per hour / 99 to 132 gallons of ice cream per hour.
Condensation Water

* 50 Hz machines may produce up to 20% less than reported.
* Production based on milk based syrup at 4°C (39.2°F) with 38% solids and 14 to 16% of sugar content and at least 100% overrun.

Suggested use

1 Super C3 + 1 complete pasteurization plant.

1 Super C3 + 3 PP110.

1 Super C3 + 1 Gyro Filler.