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First soft ice cream machine for up to 100% air incorporation, without levers

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The newest most innovative Soft Ice Cream Machine !
This equipment will be available for sale in the 2nd half of 2021
This machine will be certified for UL/NSF standards by the 2nd half of 2021


Soft ice cream has become much better known around the world since the trend of McDonald's ice cream kiosks, Burger King and other fast food chains.
This is an ice cream produced on the spot in front of the customer and its great advantage is that it can be served in different places and not only in a closed ice cream shop or establishment.
Soft ice cream machines require no knowledge about ice cream formulations because in general mixtures are found premixed in the market. They can also produce frozen yogurt, milk shakes and ice slush.
They do not require specialized technicians to operate them, which facilitates the installation in any kind of commercial environment.
Many soft machines are installed on sidewalk streets in more centralized areas of the cities where there is a lot of foot traffic.
The equipment consists of two tanks, one for each flavor and these tanks keep the ice cream mixtures refrigerated. These mixtures are conducted towards two cylinders where they undergo beating, freezing and extracting with either two single flavors or one mixed flavor through valves controlled by levers placed on the front of the machine.
Most of the equipment for soft ice cream production have been using this same concept for decades. It is easy to distinguish them by their 3 levers lined up in front of the machine, the side levers serve single flavors and the middle lever serves a combination of the two.
Some improvements have been made in the automation of these operations but the functions have remained the same.
The competition between manufacturers of this type of machine was always based on tradition or "who had created the first machine". Only small constructive details have been added, with no significant improvement to the final product.
The machines have never lost that basic box style look and the construction standards have remained exactly the same for many years. A simple metal structure surrounded by stainless steel panels.
The new SHAPE line is the result of study and observation over many years and has arrived to break that dullness and same look of the current equipment used for soft ice cream production worldwide.
The name SHAPE stands for the variety of ice cream formats which can be produced with this new machine plus many new improvements that have never been seen in the market.
Soft ice cream will no longer be a simple swirl of two flavors. Get ready to amaze your customers with the new SHAPE Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine!

New air incorporation into the ice cream

It is known that the air incorporated into the ice cream provides softness and it is responsible for what became worldwide known as SOFT ICE CREAM.
The amount of air incorporated into the ice cream ranges from 30% by volume, on machines having no pump for air injection, and up to 70% of its volume in machines having a pump.
The new SHAPE line is the only one in the world which incorporates air above 100%, an absolute novelty in the industry. This means that for each liter of mixture two liters of ice cream can be produced with quality and high profitability.
This high air rate is only reached by machines used in big ice cream industries such as Unilever and Nestlè. The SHAPE technology allows the same results in soft ice cream machine, on a smaller scale.

New ice cream formats

You may have noticed that soft ice cream comes out of the machine in a twisted star-shape, forming a conical design on the cup or cone where it is served.
The SHAPE allows the customer to choose different shapes during ice cream extraction, ranging from spaghetti fillets, star shape, square, sliced etc.
So imagine the variety of ways these shapes can make if the machine operator moves the cone or cup creatively as the ice cream comes out.

New ice cream decoration (Optional) 

The SHAPE can be equipped with a pump of colored syrup fillets which follow the ice cream shapes. Yes, that's right, in addition to having the option of varying formats, you can also color the final product with four different syrups.
The SHAPE brings even greater news to be able to put these fillets on the mixed flavor. In conventional machines fillets can be added in only one flavor that the machine produces.
So, imagine a mixed vanilla and chocolate ice cream with green fillets of mint flavor. Still, you can put fillets in a vanilla ice cream, separate, or in a chocolate ice cream without touching the equipment. Only SHAPE can do this with a unique patented system.
Conventional machines require the installation of the colored fillets device in only one flavor, so if the client requests another flavor with colored fillets we cannot easily move this device to extract another flavor. That’s why the option of colored fillets is only offered with vanilla ice cream, and this device is definitely installed at the extraction of this flavor.

New ice cream beater

In conventional soft ice cream machines the product is beaten quickly because it must be served on the spot. This ends up making the ice cream a little sandy and without the required quantity of air to become soft.
The SHAPE has a multiple beating system, where the ice cream goes through several channels and is mixed with air, an absolute novelty in the world market.
In addition, the scraping of ice from the walls of SHAPE freezing cylinder is smoothly done by special blades designed to carefully cut through the ice and not overwhelm it, as done in conventional machines. Yet another great feature of the new SHAPE Soft Serve Machine.

New tanks for preparation, heating and cooling of the ice cream mixture

The SHAPE machine is equipped with two independent tanks at its top that can prepare, heat and cool the mixture, ensuring its complete pasteurization.
Pasteurization eliminates harmful microorganisms and should be done every night, in the non-commercial period, for up to 15 days in a row, without the need to daily disassemble the machine components for cleaning. Conventional machines without pasteurization need to be disassembled every day for internal cleaning, requiring considerable labor. With the pasteurization system SHAPE eliminates this daily work and cleaning is done every 15 days, only. This represents a large differential in the operational cost of the equipment.
Inside the tanks there is an unprecedented flowing system that forces the mixture to pass through an apparatus that cools or heats it. In conventional machines the cooling and heating process is performed through the walls of the tanks but this causes the formation of ice on them, especially when they are not completely filled with mixture.
SHAPE machine cools or heats the mixture with an apparatus immersed in each tank so the serious problem of ice formation is completely eliminated.
The mixture is always kept under constant agitation, at the point of being produced, while avoiding the separation of the ingredients.
The tanks can be equipped with a water spray inside, facilitanting the cleaning process at the end of the period.

New lid for tanks

Drawn in a curved and inclined format, the SHAPE tanks cover is made of double tempered and heated glass to prevent the formation of moisture droplets.
In conventional machines the tanks lid is cold/flat and moisture formed on its walls just drip into the mixture, changing its composition throughout the day of use.
Furthermore, the new SHAPE lid acts as thermal insulation for very hot places or where it might be exposed to partial incidences of sunlight.

The first machine without levers

The first impact of the SHAPE line over conventional machines is caused by the absence of the three levers used for the ice cream extraction.
An absolute novelty in the market, you can now adjust the output flow of the ice cream and the desired time of extraction. This means that the operator, after setting two parameters, just presses a button and the machine doses the correct amount of ice cream in sufficient time to move the cone or cup for a good decoration.
This is done manually in conventional machines, pulling the lever with no precision and extracting the ice cream, but the amount is not always the same nor can you allow for the time needed for decoration of the product.
In SHAPE all the ice cream exits at the same amount and the operator can carefully repeat the decorating process.

New dispenser container for cones and cups

In conventional machines you need to purchase additional equipment to accommodate cone and sundae cups to serve ice cream. Such devices serve as a dispenser of the recipients and must be accommodated near the equipment, usually hung on the side wall or on the machine itself, often becoming a nuisance.
The SHAPE comes with the possibility to integrate the dispenser in the machine without taking up any additional space, in addition to providing a much more beautiful and clean visual look.

New cabinet in front of the machine

Soft ice cream machines need to have their parts dismounted and sanitized at the end of the production period. In addition, these parts need to be stored in a dry and safe place and can only be reassembled in the machine just before starting production, to prevent the formation of mold and other hygienic drawbacks.
In conventional machines this storage is done outside the equipment, usually in separate cabinets, in most cases without the requirements of hygiene.
The SHAPE line comes equipped with a glass door in front of the equipment, which brings behind a cabinet 100% sanitary where these parts can be saved and attached separately, with safety and hygiene. The glass door also allows the placement of a sticker with the logo of your company or desired art, making the equipment much more attractive for your business.

New cleaning system

In conventional machines is necessary to use a bucket or recipient on the front to wash the mixing tanks and the ice cream beating cylinders. In addition, the water from the tanks can only exit passing through the cylinders.
In SHAPE line the tanks can be washed separately from the cylinders and the water drainage is done directly at the back of the machine, with direct connection to the waste water network of your shop.
Likewise, the ice cream beater cylinders can be cleaned separately from the tanks where the mixture is prepared and water also flows to the back of the machine in direct connection to the waste water network of your shop.
Possible drops of ice cream or any excess in the extraction process can be automatically washed with a spray of water placed in ice cream outlet, with drainage also to the rear of the equipment.
Needless to say that the era of bucketsfor cleaning has ended with the arrival of SHAPE.

Absolutely innovative design

The SHAPE line represents the end of that basic box style look. This is the end of the concept that the machine needs to be hidden from the end user so that it does not appear, since its appearance is ugly, awkward or unhygienic.
The SHAPE machine alone is already a sales point !
It can be equipped with a motorized system to raise or lower the entire machine, allowing easy access to feed the tanks or to be adjusted to the best working height for the operator.
Its structure is based on innovative aeronautical technology with the casing made of high strength composite material,stainless steel surrounding it and other components in only one noise proof package without any amendments. Yes, the SHAPE line is provided with noise proof insulation!
With bold lines, its ergonomics allows full operator comfort making it easier to clean and maintain.
Just like Formula 1 cars, its resistance is superior to steel and it is very light. The customer also has the opportunity to select the color of his machine. It is the first soft serve machine in the world with this kind of integral construction.
Its panel is also made of tempered glass and customizable, with "soft touch" buttons, as in most modern mobile phones. It is the only machine that can be completely washed with a water jet.
Everything on this machine is smooth, clean and impressive looking. This is not just a "machine", it is a source of high quality ice cream, clear and fine in its appearance.


1. The soft ice cream represents 20% of the global market of ice cream and in some countries its share is even higher. Hence, the huge amount of outlets of this kind of ice cream, in addition to McDonald's, Burger King and others.
2. There is no other type of commercial activity with such a high profit margin because the soft ice cream has no storage cost and its composition contains large percentage of air, especially if the machine is equipped with air injection pump.
3. There is no waste or melted ice cream like that of ice cream stored inside freezers, since the machine only produces what is consumed, and the production is instantaneous, made directly in front of customers. Before being produced the cooled mixture is kept in the machine and can be used throughout the day.
4. Being beaten and frozen "on the spot", the ice cream has unrivaled softness never done by ice cream that is stored in freezers. Hence, the name "SOFT ice cream", or creamy ice cream.
5. You do not need to be knowledgeable of the ice cream business and how to make it as the mixture can be found premixed on the market and the equipment operation is very simple, unlike machines for the production of industrial ice cream, which require skilled people for its operation and technical knowledge about formulations.
6. The mixture of ice cream can also be prepared very easily and requires no special equipment, just an ordinary blender or Finamac MIXER 15 (more robust). The ingredients can be easily found on the market.
7. The electrical installation can be single phase, which greatly facilitates the placement of equipment in different places, or three phase.
8. Because it is compact and has wheels it makes it easier to move and transport, as this type of equipment can be used in several places.
9. In addition to the famous ice cream cones this machine also produces sundaes, small cups, milk shakes and other types of ice cream including ice slush!
10. This is the first and only soft serve machine design which is 100% original, holding several patents and many improvements since 1995. No equipment from anywhere in the world has the technological advances that this equipment has.
11. First equipment in the world to use frequency inverter drives in the ice cream beater engine which saves energy and wearing down of parts.
12. First equipment in the world to work with a compressor relief start valve, which enables large number of starts and the use of single-phase compressors.
13. First equipment in the world to use a multi-part ice cream beater, which facilitates cleaning and sanitizing of equipment ease when replacing of worn parts.
14. First equipment in the world to use integral construction making the machine much lighter and stronger.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 208-240 V three or monophase, 50/60Hz
Consumption of electricity 9,5 kW
Equipment Dimensions 740 x 1060 x 1500 mm (front/lateral/height)
Net Weight 380 kg
Production Capacity Up to 600 cones (100 ml) / hour
Condensation air




Soft touch control panel with graphic display option or message display.
Computer with 4 cores processor for intelligent management of all operations.
High resolution graphics output. 


1 high-performance compressor per cylinder, with independent drive: Scroll models, Semi Hermetic or Hermetic.
High performance condenser, air or water cooled. Output of hot air from the rear top of the machine and input from the base.

Ice cream beaters

1 individually controlled motor per cylinder, with or without frequency inverter for variable rotation.
Allow continuous production of ice cream with high air incorporation.
Self adjustable scraping.
1 optional spray of water per cylinder, independent.

Tanks of ice cream mixture

1 shaker for tank with separate drive.
1 optional spray of water per tank with separate drive.
1 drain valve, independent.
1 level sensor per tank.
Cooling and heating (optional) for each tank.


A mixture pump per cylinder, with independent dosage and control.
Separate air mixture pumping system, allows incorporation of air (overrun) above 100%.
Independently adjusting of the amount of air in each cylinder.
Air injection control system in standby mode.
Air restraint system in standby mode.

Ice cream extruders

4 interchangeable formats for ice cream extrusion driven by optional motor (star, parallel wires, spaghetti, single wire).
1 spray device for water washing.

Suggested use

Business purpose

For entrepreneurs from different areas who have locations where there is a lot of foot traffic and where the ice cream can be sold on the spot.
Bakeries, ice cream parlors, bars, restaurants, snack bars, pharmacies, bookstores and various stores can easily put this machine in front of the space or shop with simple training to operate and make sales that are even larger than the total sales of the store.
For its innovative design and its refined technical characteristics the high quality ice cream produced by Shape and the way it is presented meet even the most demanding consumers.


2 ou 3 Shape + PP60 + Mixer 15: for stores with various flavors of soft ice cream.
1 Shape + 1 Robopop: for aerated ice pops production.
1 Shape + PP110 + Gyrofiller: for industrial production of sundaes and cones.