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The Ice-cream revolution



The Ice-cream revolution
Pre-launch - Fispal 2019 - forecast for sale in mid 2020
Forget everything you've ever seen about ice cream production!


Brief history of ice cream equipment

For new and experienced entrepreneurs, a pleasant surprise!
Producing ice cream always required significant investment in equipment, even for a small-scale producer. By order of cost, the handmade ice-cream machine (sold in ice cream shops) is the most economical, followed by the soft ice cream machine (McDonald's type) and the industrial ice cream machine (sold in supermarkets and bakeries).
Until the appearance of WAVE, presented herein, the entrepreneur had to choose in which of the three markets he would act (handmade, soft or industrial), since each of them needed completely different equipment and investments. It was basically impossible to acquire machines to operate in all three markets.
The technological differences between these devices meant that manufacturers around the world specialized in only one of them to gain a competitive advantage, increasing the differences between the segments, even in the formulation of ice cream.
Finamac is the only machinery company operating in the three markets and also in the chocolate and ice cream display sectors.
The experience of transiting between the different types of equipment made that its engineering team dedicated themselves to find a solution that could unite the three markets in a single machine, diminishing the investment, labor and space necessary for the production of ice cream.
There was 5 years of intense research, with the support of FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation) and important universities in Brazil and abroad, resulting in WAVE, the machine that will revolutionize the ice cream world market.
The ice cream sale can change worldwide when it is easily manufactured anywhere with the WAVE technology.


It is a totally innovative, disruptive technology, protected by 8 international patent processes, which in no way resembles the conventional machines currently offered in the market.
WAVE, the first mini ice cream industry, is able to meet direct sales or distribution operating in small or large businesses. Its versatility replaces several commonly needed equipment in a manufacturing plant and can focus on different markets according to seasonality (gelaterias, restaurants, super markets, events, etc).
The machine prepares the mixture, makes the ice cream and decorates containers with 3D robot. The ice cream may have less air (gelato - Italian ice cream) or more air (industrial ice cream, sold in supermarkets etc.). Small amounts of assorted flavors can be made without leaving ice cream on the baking drum, or unlimited quantities for containers of jars and cups. 


The innovative WAVE technology can be compared to the micro-computer revolution, which has become more powerful and much more affordable than the big computers in the industry.
This has become possible thanks to the new ice-cream whip system, which occupies only 30% of the space of conventional systems and consumes 50% of their energy.
This revolution came from the way the ice cream is cut into thin slices, unlike conventional equipment, which scrapes the ice cream roughly. There are thousands of wires cut in the production process, making the ice-cream much softer and without any sandiness, besides being extracted with unequaled hardness, ready to be served or stored.
An unprecedented system empties 100% of the batter cylinder at the end of production, leaving it ready for a new flavor without any manual contact or lid opening.
A single operator, with this unique machine, manages to do the same as many people and various equipment do in the industry.
The treatment of the ingredients is quick and easy, dispensing additional accessories for mixing and avoiding excessive burning or freezing of these, very common in conventional equipment. The lid of the containers is heated, preventing the formation of droplets of water which eventually fall into the mixture.
The ice cream outlet can receive cold air blowing for drying and ultra-freezing, allowing it to be even firmer for exposure or transport.
The decoration of the ice cream can be made in conventional vats or shallow trays, with choice of decoration and injection of colored syrups. Containers for resale can also be filled in different formats.
The modern Design and the special materials of the equipment eliminate the traditional "steel crates" of the conventional machines, allowing it to be exposed producing in the final consumer's view, surprising attraction for the increase of ice cream sale.

Technical details

Equipment 6 in 1: Pasteurization - Homogenization - Batching - Aeration - Packaging and Decoration.
Integrated tanks for the preparation of mixtures: quality increase with less ingredients.
Production: up to 3 liters at a time, with total emptying of the mixer, or continuous from 80 to 400 liters/h.
Flex Mixer: for ice cream up to -12°C, with electronic aeration control, from 10 to 110%.
Robotic decoration: several designs for different containers, with the option for multi colored syrups injection.
Cold air blown on the ice-cream: for drying and ultra-freezing in the container/decoration.
Multi touch control: countless functions and web monitoring.
Low energy consumption: lower final ice cream cost.
Pre-launch: dimensions, operational characteristics and other details will be disclosed in a timely manner.


Technical data


Suggested use

Handmade Ice Cream, Industrial Ice Cream, Gelato, Soft Ice Cream and Açaí.
Please contact our consultants for more details.