Elegance/Suprema - Display Cases

Ice cream display cases

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*This machine is not certified by ETL/UL/NSF rules.
*Please check the laws in your country about food preparation before finish your purchase.

A display case that exhibits ice cream, and other food products, that are ready to be served.

The case is raised and tilted forward, allowing consumers to view the products from a considerable distance.

The Elegance is the perfect complement for finished products and designed to be an attention-getter.
This is not just a freezer to display frozen products. With its charming design, it uses cutting-edge cold and thermal insulation technology in order to keep the product at the perfect point-of-sale temperature, preventing excessive hardening or melting.

From the technology used to the sleek design, the Elegance was created to display high-quality products sold at places serving discerning customers.

Business purpose

For bakeries, confectioner’s shops, “gelaterias” (Italian ice cream), traditional ice cream shops, candy shops, snack bars, bars, sophisticated restaurants, and establishments that serve ice cream and other frozen products.

For vendors that want to boost their sales by elegantly displaying and increasing the visibility of their products.
Perfect for vendors that produce a wide variety of flavors and are located in places with steady flow of consumers; such as shopping malls, street stores, or other commercial locations.

Great for bakeries that plan to produce their own ice cream and replace their current industrial “freezer” ice cream, whose profit margin is low. A simple Ice Clean or Pro16 machine working in tangent with an Elegance display, comprises a mini ice cream factory with a profitability much greater than that of ice cream purchased from standard industries.

Many bakeries are realizing that the financial return from producing their own ice cream is far more advantageous than the return from other products sold in the bakery.



1. Increases sales up to 30% and provides an elegant and sleek design to display your products. An essential piece of equipment for quality products.

2. The raised position and angle allows products to be viewed from long-distances, by both adults and children alike. This is a fundamental difference from an ordinary freezer, in which the products stay “hidden”. Typical displays do not exhibit ice cream containers at an asending angle. This is exclusive design from Finamac.

3. The anti-fogging, tempered, double-layered, thermal, curved glass enables product visualization in even the most extreme humidity. Regular displays are not capable of preventing the glass from fogging, and require constant cleaning with a cloth. The glass used in the Elegance display is unique. It has an invisible film that heats a "sandwich" of glasses and prevents glass fogging, even at places with high levels of humidity, such as seacoasts.

4. Has a double internal cold and dry air curtain that keeps the temperature uniform, which prevents ice from forming on the ice cream and removes impurities from the air into a filter that is easily cleaned. Ordinary displays provide only a single cold curtain, which is much less efficient and inadequate for humid climates.

5. Ice is automatically defrosted by a heat pump, which is the most efficient thawing system available, and the only one capable of complete thawing (defrost), in a short time, without changing the characteristics of the products being displayed. Regular displays have less efficient (and cheaper) defrosting systems, which obliges the equipment de-energizing and the product removal for many hours for complete thawing.

6. Special lamps highlight the colors of the ice cream. The lighting is internal (inside cold) and located just above the products. Even from far away, the product seems to “jump out” of the display and entice the consumer.

7. Provides several finishing patterns, with customized texture applications, colors, or images. Your ice cream shop can increase its sales power with a banner of your brand, and images or pictures of delicious ice creams, all placed on the front part of the display case.

8. Offers a variety of presentation options and is extremely adaptable when mounting the ice cream containers: 4-liter low, 4-liter high, 6 and 10 liters, plus support for cakes and pies. Flavor tags close to the holders allow for easy identification. The ice cream can be piled high above the container level, dramatically impacting sales.

9. Equipment with dimensioned refrigeration for air or water condenser (optional), ecological gas, and oversized compressor.

10. The inside is easy to clean.  The trays that hold the ice cream containers are completely removable and the front glass are tilts for convenience. Ordinary displays have fixed trays and hard to reach glass, making it difficult and time-consuming to clean. This is another exclusive feature from Finamac.

11. Light and compact, easy to transport and set up. Equipped with a rotary lock wheel system.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation Elegance: 220 V, Monophase, 50/60Hz.
Suprema: 220 V - 380 V, Monophase - Biphase - Threephase, 60 Hz. Elegance: 220 V, Monophase, 50/60Hz.
Consumption of electricity Elegance: 1,5 kW.
Suprema: 3,6 kW.
Equipment Dimensions Elegance: Length = 1053 mm,
Net Weight Elegance: 240 kg.
Suprema: 400 Kg.
Production Capacity Elegance: Up to 16 recipients of 4.4 quarts (4.2 liters).
Suprema: Up to 32 recipients of 4.4 quarts (4.2 liters).

* Positioning of the machine:
Avoid positioning the equipment in poorly ventilated areas and/or areas exposed to direct sunlight.
Avoid very hot places, such as near ovens, or outside areas with high humidity and/or water accumulation. The floor must be level and easy to clean. Walls, doors and windows must comply with local sanitation and ventilation regulations. The relative humidity and room temperature must not exceed 60% and 28°C, respectively. Beyond these limits, the installation of an air conditioner is recommended.

** Pay attention to ventilation sources that may interfere with the internal air curtain of the showcase.

*** At the end of the day, remove the tubs and turn on the night defrosting.

**** It is important that the ice cream or popsicles are only placed in the correct temperature, already frozen. Never put "soft" ice cream in the display case.
There are several types of ice cream syrup: water base, milk base, Italian, diet, light, etc. For each of these different types of ice cream, we have a different conservation temperature, therefore always adapt your product to a single conservation and display window temperature. Never put ice creams of very different formulations in the same display case, because the consistency of both can be damaged (soft ice cream and/or hard ice cream).