TM 300/600 - Ice Cream Machines

Maturation / conservation vat for ice cream mixtures



*This machine is not certified by ETL/UL/NSF rules.
*Please check the laws in your country about food preparation before finish your purchase.

A stainless steel tank, with a surrounding or bottom cooling circuit. Refrigeration is applied with cooling gas, or cool water from the water refrigeration unit (mainly used in big facilities).

A low rotation mixer assures perfect cooling distribution in the product and avoids solid particles deposition.
The low rotation is important to avoid foam from forming in the mixture, which can cause diseases due to pathogenic organic structure proliferation. This also prevents air from incorporating into the mix.
Maturation (aging) is the last stage before freezing the ice cream. It improves the stabilizers used in the ice cream mixture, increasing its shelf life and air incorporation during beating and freezing.
The maturation can happen before flavor introduction. However, we recommend to mature the mix with the flavor already added; this way the taste and color remain stable for a much longer duration.
Four versions are available to meet more diversified market demands.
Cooling mode: cooling through gas (direct cooling) or a water refrigeration unit (indirect cooling).
Structural mode: open or closed.
*Production depends on the climatic conditions of the location where the machine is installed.

Business purpose
For any ice cream producers, dairies, juices, and isotonic drinks, or any product conserved between 3ºC and 6ºC temperature.


1. Inner wall is AISI 304 stainless steel with sanitary finishing.
2. Outer wall is AISI 430 stainless steel with polished finishing.
3. Thermal insulation made of expanded polyurethane.
4. Agitator driven by mechanical rotation reduction.
5. Easy sanitizing: A double lid that inclines makes it easy to drain condensed water or cleaning products. Dismountable SMS 2” ø sanitary tap.
6. Higher mixture quality: Electronic control of the temperature and the agitator, helps to avoid the fat from separating during the refrigeration group pause intervals.
7. A condenser unit with a hermetic compressor is assembled beneath the tank.
8. Energy saving: The freezing system runs through gas expansion chamber, 20% power efficiency surplus (PES) when compared with that of traditional gas expansion systems.
9. Total mix extraction: A tilting bottom tank, with a short tube connected to the tap, allows the product to be completely removed.

Technical data

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V, Monophase - Biphase, 60 Hz.
Consumption of electricity 0,9 kW - 1,2 kW.
Crate dimensions 317 quarts (300 liters): Length = 1100 mm, Width = 1100 mm, Height = 2000 mm.
634 quarts (600 liters): Length = 1800 mm, Width = 1500 mm, Height = 1500 mm.
Equipment Dimensions 317 quarts (300 liters): Width = 960 mm, Height = 1600 mm, Length = 880 mm.
634 quarts (600 liters): Width = 1230 mm, Height = 1650 mm, Length = 1410 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 260 kg - 200 kg.
Net Weight 220 kg - 160 kg.
Production Capacity 317 quarts (300 liters) - 634 quarts (600 liters).

Suggested use

Super C + 300 liters VAT.

Super C3 and 3 VATS of 300 liters each.

Super C Plus  and VATS of 600 liters.